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5 Things To Look Out For When Hiring a DJ For Your Special Event

Updated: May 10, 2019

When you go to a wedding or special event, one of the many things you will remember most is if you had fun! A DJ is a very big part of making your event Memorable. Here are 5 Things To Look Out For When Hiring Your DJ.

1- On-line Presence

In today's market, this is an important factor. How a DJ represents him/herself on-line will give you a good indication of the type of #DJ you are hiring.

Be sure to look into their social media pages. You will be able to tell the professional DJs from the Part-Time DJs right away. Look at the types of pictures they post and see if they have experience in conducting events similar to yours. Conduct a search for reviews on sites like WeddingWire, The Knot, Google and YELP. Be cautious of those DJs who lack professionalism and snap back when receiving reviews that may not be favorable to them.

2- Music Collection

A truly #professionalDJ will have a huge array of music that includes, many genres and that spans decades. Music selection varies from event to event. You may not be sure what songs you want played for those special moments. #ProfessionalWeddingDJs will be able to help by providing samples for you. Beware of DJs that ask you to buy music and send it to them. Experienced DJs will subscribe to various music pools to be on top of their game when it comes to their music libraries. You may want to ask what music sources they subscribe to. Downloading music from YOUTUBE is risky as it may have poor quality. Watch out for those that try to steer you away from music genres you are requesting, as this may be a sign that they do not have a large music selection.

3- Equipment

Your #weddingevent is actually a big investment. When investing in something, you expect great quality. This also goes for your DJ and their equipment. Don't be afraid to ask what type of equipment the DJ is providing. Names you want hear are QSC, JBL, EV, SHURE, as these are all products that are high end and will not leave you without sound. Most low brand names will have issues of crackling, distorting or microphones dropping out. Something you do not want happening during that special speech. Lighting is also a big part as it adds to the atmosphere and look of your venue. ADJ, CHAUVET and MARTIN are of great quality. Ask for pictures or videos of what the set up looks like. You want to make sure that there will not be wires dangling or causing hazards to where someone may get hurt.

4- Professional Attire

Unless your are having an informal #weddingceremony or #weddingrecption, you more than likely are having a traditional #elegantwedding. Which means that all your guests will be dressed to impress. So, it would probably not be a good idea to have a #weddingdj that is not dressed to par. This is where looking at photos and videos of their previous events comes in handy as well. You would be surprised how many DJs arrive like they are ready to spin for Spring Break Party. Don't be shy to ask what attire they will be sporting on your special day.

5- MC Skills

One of the most important parts of any #wedding are the announcements. From inviting guest to the designated area for #cocktailhour, to the #BrideandGrooms Grand Entrance. This is a vital element that you need to make sure is handled professionally. #ProfessionalDJs have acquired a knack for having proper MC etiquette. From being humorous and engaging, to knowing when and how to make the right announcement. You will find that some #lowbudgetDJs will not have that experience and will sound like they are at a rave.

A #greatMC will know how to adjust his/her microphone levels correctly and will be able to project excitement without having to yell into the mic. Getting to know your clients is very important. Some DJs do not take the time to ask the proper questions. This could result in disaster. Case in point. I attended a wedding some years ago that I was invited to by a friend. The DJ seemed to have great mixing skills. But, I did notice he seems to keep wanting to talk on the Mic quite a bit. Sure enough, he went a little too far by making a joke about the Grooms father, not realizing that the father had passed away just a year before. Not Good!

There are so many other skills a #Professionalweddingdj must have to call himself/herself a professional DJ. There is so much more to it than just spinning the tunes and and asking every to scream and throw their hands in the air. From working with the wait staff and catering, to making sure everyone is in the correct order for the Grand Entrance. Wedding DJs now have a bigger role to play than just playing the hits. Todays Professional DJ should bring value to your investment.

What does value mean? Let me put it into perspective. If you decide to hire your DJ based on price and go with the #cheapestDJcompany, the odds are is that they will not provide you the value such as taking the time to meet in person with you, assist you in setting up your timeline, taking your phone calls or staying in contact with you. Not to mention they might not take the pride of having professional equipment. Some of the power priced DJs lcannot and will not provide the full service you need. Value is having experience and knowledge that will make your #weddingday truly memorable.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you.

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