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Should My Wedding Go On During the COVID 19 Outbreak?

As if preparing for your wedding day was not stressful enough, now comes the #coronavirus also known as #Covid19. Its not like its a problem with the dress or the flowers.This is a worldwide pandemic that is affecting millions and forcing the cancellation of thousands of #events. But this is your #Wedding ! So what do you do? Should you cancel?

If you are having a large #wedding of 250 plus guests and it is within the next few weeks, the unfortunate answer is YES. As the world is trying their best to contain the virus, it is important not to have large gatherings It is also very important that you follow your state and local officials advice and stay unto date as to the spreading of the virus in your area.

One option is to bring your guest list down to just your immediate family and close friends that you know are not ill or showing symptoms. We know it is difficult decision, but you cannot be 100% sure that someone may have the virus and may transmit it to others at your event. Your health and safety of you and your guests is much bigger than the #weddingday itself. Keeping it to 50 guests or less may have to be your option. You also want to ensure that your venue has preventive measures in place in place. Such as continuous cleaning and disinfecting of all areas including restrooms, door handles and bar surfaces. And don't be afraid to ask if any staff members are ill or have been ill in recent days.

Know, if you have your heart set on your #dreamwedding, which you rightly should, you can postpone your event. This will require some work and possibly a monetary loss as some of your vendors may not have the new date available. Most #weddingvendors do have it stated in their contracts, that the deposit or retainer is not refundable. So what do you do in that instance?

Your best option is to invest in #EventInsurance . In this day and age, there is insurance for everything. You #weddingevent is a huge investment. Just like you would your car or home, you buy insurance to keep your investment protected. Event insurance does just that. It protects your investment. The odds are that if you postpone, you may run into some vendors not be able to cover the new date, meaning that you will lose that deposit/retainer that you invested. Having yourself covered is your best bet. By getting event cancellation coverage, you can ensure not to lose more than you need to. and are just a couple of many companies that can help you. We recommend you look up companies in your area and shop around for the best rates.

It is a difficult time for all of us, and it is unclear as to when it will all pass. First thing is first. STAY HEALTHY! Follow the #CDC guidelines and don't take risks that may result in a worse situation for you or your loved ones. We are in this together.

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