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3 Things Your Wedding Guests Will Remember The Most

Your #weddingday is an event that creates amazing memories for years to come. But what will your guests actually remember most? Is the #BridesDress? Is it the vows spoken? We have the 3 things that we have experienced that your guests will remember most of your #weddingday. And it will not come as a surprise, as it is what you remembered most from the last wedding you attended. So here they are in no particular order.



One of the first things you will notice when you arrive to a #weddingceremony or #weddingreception will be how the venue looks. The look of your venue is only one of the three sensory elements that make a #wedding memorable. If the venue decor looks beautiful, your guests will notice right away. Beautiful flower arrangements and stunning colors that pop will enhance the visual sense, giving your #weddingguests a mindset that this #wedding is going to be amazing.

Now we know that not everyone has large budgets. But in today's #weddingworld, you can come up with some amazing #weddingdecoration ideas that can fit just about any budget. There are many #brides that choose to the DIY thing. Which is fine, if you have a good support system, such as family and friends. But, sometimes, this can add some stress to you, which is something you don't want to have when planning your #weddingreception.

We know that you have many options when it come to #weddingdecor. Especially in the #LosAngeles area. Here at EliteDJsLA, we have our goto decorations company. Lisa at #Loveinspireddecor is one of the best in the business. One of things we loved most about her and her team was their creativity and work ethic. They take the time to make sure they provide you with an amazing result. Best of all, they are EXTREMELY affordable. Be sure to check them out on social media @loveinspireddecor



My wife started a new job recently and within a few months was invited to a co-workers #wedding. I really enjoy going to #weddings that I have nothing to do with, just to see what other companies are doing. Upon arrival the first thing we noticed was, you guessed it, the decor. It was nice! The color scheme was very well coordinated, the centerpieces looked very elegant. So we were ready to get the full experience going.

Things were going great until dinner was served. Right away, we noticed that the chicken did not look very appetizing. It had a watery sauce over it, that I still don't know what it was made of. The mashed potatoes looked like they had been sitting out for a while. And the presentation was sloppy at best. Right away, everyone at our table began to comment on how the food was not what they expected. Keep in mind that we had been there for a couple hours, with the #weddingceremony that took place earlier. We did have a few finger foods during #cocktailhour, but even that was eeehh! The only thing I can say that I enjoyed was the salad. The rest of the night turned out ok, but as we were leaving, we heard a few people saying how the dinner was not good at all. One group of people were talking about hitting up a taco truck because they were so hungry.

The second sense you need to think of when planning your #weddingreception is taste. I know you have been to an event before where you just thought the food was awful. So bad that your still talking about it the next day, when your reviewing all the good and bad things that you witnessed at the event. We all do it. We critique what we have just experienced.

You really want to make sure your guest have a great experience when it comes to your #weddingdinner. When negotiating with your venue, be sure you get a full taste testing. This will help ensure that the culinary experience your guest will have will be to YOUR satisfaction. Some caterers do not offer taste tests. I would be careful with those kind of caterers as they tend to change items on you and give the excuse that the particular element was not in season at the time of your #weddingday, but was when you first spoke. Some venues will allow outside catering. Just make sure you go with a caterer you trust or have received great recommendations for. And always look at their reviews.

#LosAngeles has many amazing venues that will take good care of you. The Bonaventure Brewing Co. in #DowntownLosAngeles is one of our favorites.Aside from the beautiful view, their catering is phenomenal. But, there are those that have a nice venue, but no experience when it comes to the food. So you really need to do your homework.



Tell me you don't remember that one #wedding you attended where the #WeddingDJ just did not find the right mix to get the party going! The final sense you need to have for your #weddingguests to keep great memories of your #weddingday is a combination of sight and sound. The #DJ is the one who really makes or breaks your #weddingreception. He/She are the time keepers of the entire event. They are the ones who need to make sure your timeline is followed to the T. To be lively and entertaining. Have professional sound equipment that won't break down in the middle of your special day. And of course, play the right music at the right time.

A #weddingdj in today's #weddingworld is probably the most important person of your event. They are the ones who will determine if your guests stay to sing & dance the night away, or if they go home early. Guests will remember if they had a great time. The bad thing is, they will also remember if they had a bad time at your #reception as well. A #ProfessionalWeddingDJ will provide. you with great service and understanding of how to keep your guests entertained from beginning to end.

Music is such a huge part of your #weddingceremony, #cocktailhour and #weddingreception. A part time #DJ will more than likely not have a large selection of music to last through the entire event without having to repeat songs. Where as a #ProfessionalWeddingDJ will have everything for every moment of your big day. From setting a romantic and memorable mood for your #weddingceremony, to setting a fun vibe for your #cocktailhour, spinning the music that is just right moment for your dinner and rocking the decks and keeping your dance floor packed until the end of the night.


So these are the 3 things your guest will remember most of your #weddingday. But, making sure you get all this right can be daunting for any couple planning a #wedding. But there is no need to stress as there are Pros who can help and make this experience a beautiful and memorable one, from beginning to end.

EliteDJs is a #DJ and #Eventplanning company that does it all for you. We take the stress out of you have to organize it all. We have great #ProfessionalDJs that will entertain you and your guests for the entire event. We also act as day of #weddingcoordinators so that you don't have to worry about having to hire a day of coordinator or have one of your #bridesmaids or family members miss most of the fun in order to coordinate. We do it all.

Willy Wonka said, "We are the Music Makers and we are the Dreamers of Dreams." We like to say, "We are the Music Spinners and we make the Weddings of Dreams."

Make sure you follow us @EliteDJs2001 and /EliteDJsLA

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