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Wedding DJs: THEN & NOW

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Today's #WeddingDJ is one of the most important #vendors you will hire for your special day. Today's DJ has a more prominent role on what is one of the most important days of your life. In order to understand the evolution of today's wedding DJ, we need to look back at how the DJ stepped into the world of weddings.

Since the birth of radio, music was a huge factor in engaging listeners to the world of music. The radio disc jockey was born to introduce the songs that were becoming huge hits. One of the first #DJ dance parties to take place was back in the 1940's. The big thing back then was Jazz music. In the 1950s Jamaican Promoters would have huge outdoor parties. They would set up large PA systems and connect record players. The only difference was that they were called SELECTORS and not DJs. They were called this since they were selecting the music that everyone would dance to. It was during this time 50's rock and roll took the world by storm, hence began the "Sock Hops". Radio DJs would be hired to come out and do what they did on the radio, which was spin the hits and talk about them.

In the 70's, Disco erupted around the world bringing new life to #nightclubs. Engineers took the big radio console mixer and turned them in to smaller mixers that you could blend two songs together, creating the birth of beat mixing. Now during this entire time, weddings were hiring bands and #weddingsingers. That was the norm, but soon the DJ would enter the #wedding scene and things would change forever.

The 80s took it even to a new level, especially when a DJ named "Grand Wizard Theodore" created the art of "Scratching". This started a new trend that would every DJ wanted to learn and take their talent to the next level. DJs now became performers. This is when DJs began to take over the wedding scene. At the time, bands would charge a higher rate than DJs, since they had to cover the cost of all the members in the band. DJs rates were a bit less at that time.

The #WeddingDJ began to take over as he/she could spin all the radio hits and those that were hitting in nightclubs as well. The best thing about it was they were playing the tracks at just the right time. The DJ set up was much more bulky and not too pretty to look at. Event with the lights of back in the day, it still was not as nice to look at. But, people still had fun.

Back in the day, the DJ was still the SELECTOR as he/she would select all the songs. this included the #firstdance song, #fatherdaughterdance song, #ceremonymusic, etc...It was not until the early 2000s that #BridesandGrooms wanted a little more from their DJ. #Brides now began to look into personalizing their #specialday. This included the selection of their own music and creating fun lighting effects to enhance special moments.

Today's Wedding DJ has become much more than just the SELECTOR of music. A #ProfessionalWeddingDJ in this day and age is an #MC, #entertainer, producer, a #dayofcoordinator, an engineer and time keeper. A Pro DJ takes the time to meet with you and review every detail of your wedding. From the moment your guests arrive, to the moment we tear down and everything in between, the DJ ensures that your timeline is kept flowing without a hitch. Providing #entertainment all the way through. He/she makes sure the Bridal party is in the correct order for the #GrandEntrance, coordinates with wait staff for dinner and ensuring the everyone's glass is filled with #champaign for the big toast.

A DJs sound system and lighting has come along way as well. From carrying milk crates filled with records, down to today hard drive where we can have thousands of songs at our disposal. A DJs music collection is a huge part of being a great DJ. Every wedding has a large variety of musical tastes. This is where having a huge music selection comes in handy.

There are many DJs out there. Some are great and some OK. But, like the commercial says, "Just OK is Never Good Enough." Especially when you are investing in such a huge moment of your life. At Elite DJs and Event Planning, we pride ourselves in living up to our motto, "Make It Memorable!" With DJ/MCs that entertain and follow through with a fun timeline. Making sure that you and your guests remember your day for many years to come. We are here to assist you every step of the way so that that on your day you can enjoy it and know that you are in hands of professionals. Contact us and set up an appointment so we can begin the process of making Your Event Memorable!

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