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2019 Summer Wedding Trends

Every Bride wants their #weddingceremony & #weddingreception to stand out. Here are our favorite trends that will add a true touch of class to your big day, without going way over you budget, unless you want to. Here are some of our favorite Summer Wedding Trends for 2019.


Wedding Cake Hoop Stand

Cake stands are pretty standard to enhance the beauty of the caked to hold it, of course. They come in many different shapes and sizes. However, #weddingplanners are seeing the trend of Cake Hoop Stands. They truly are nice touch to any #weddingcake. These metal hoops are either attached to a colorful cake tray, wood platform or even glass. Averaging from $60 to $150 depending on size, you can attach fresh flowers to create a beautiful feature for your wedding reception.


Ceremonies In The Round

Traditional #weddingceremonies are conducted in a theater seating setting, with a an aisle running down the middle of two groups of chairs on each side. You have seen it a million times. Ceremonies in the round is a nice way to break tradition. My personal favorite is the Spiral Seating. This allows very every one of your guests to get an up close look at the #Bride as she walks down the aisle. Best of all, there is no additional charge other then your regular seat rental fee.


Potted Plants?

Yes, Potted Plants! With #rusticthemedweddings as still one of the most popular #weddingthemes, means many floral arrangements. If you have the means, I say Go For It! But if you happen to be on a budget, potted plants could be the answer to still having a beautiful and elegant look at your wedding. From centerpieces to adorning the aisle, potted plants can add beautiful accents.


Balloons Are Back!

Many years ago, balloons were all the rage at weddings. In time, they kind of became a little tacky. But now they are back with a modern twist. We are seeing ceremony arches decorated with balloons intertwined with flowers. Color matching them to add a unique look. Now, this could get pretty pricey depending on the type and quantity of flowers. But again, if you have the means, Go For It!


Acrylic Seating Chart

The last couple of years we saw many couples have a nice Welcome signs at the entrance of the #ceremony or #receptionhall. Now acrylic signs are getting more elaborate. From seating charts to guestbook sign in, acrylic signs will also add a classy touch to your #weddingevent. You can even add LED lights to add a very cool look. Many arts & crafts stores have acrylic frames at very affordable prices. You can make it a DIY project adding your message.


So those are just some of our favorite trends for 2019 Summer Weddings. We hope these gave some ideas for your #specialweddingevent. One things for sure, your creative juices will start flowing to help you add your own personal touch and make it unique to your wedding.

We are always here to help you with our amazing decor designers,wedding planners and creative partners to make it all easy for you. Together, Let's Make It Memorable!

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